Zero Threshold or Curbless Shower

Sep 15, 2014 2 min read

The zero threshold, or curbless shower, is gaining in popularity as predicted by the NKBA (National Kitchen & Bath Association).  This prediction falls in line with bathroom remodels trending towards functionality and clean lines.  In recent years zero threshold showers were only considered to be a convenience for individuals with mobility issues.  Now they are also a sign of luxury.   Here are some things to consider if you are looking to include a zero threshold shower in your bathroom remodel.

zero threshold shower remodel

A curbless shower works well with contemporary design, but can be incorporated into other design styles if done properly. Zero threshold showers lend themselves to a seamless look which helps spaces appear larger and more luxurious.

Because they have to contain the “splash zone” zero threshold showers are larger than a standard shower.  This might not be ideal for your space.

Consider the cost of the enclosure.  Curbless showers can be uncontained, but if you want a shower door the frameless is the most expensive option.

Think about the temperature of your bathroom and that heated floors could be an option if going with a zero threshold shower.

Think about having a suspended vanity as an added precaution.  Suspended vanities can be functional and work well in contemporary design.

There are pros and cons of the no threshold shower which you can discuss with your bath designer. If you are considering a bathroom remodel contact us today!


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