Shower Surrounds 101

Mar 7, 2014 3 min read

They say a person is the product of their surroundings, but not specifically tub or shower surroundings.  Showering is important, like breakfast.  It’s one of those things that depending on how you do it can affect your daily outlook.  There are three different types of shower surrounds: fiberglass, cultured marble/ granite and tile, with pros and cons to each.

First, fiberglass, comes in three pieces and easily fits together.  Typically, shelves are molded into the fiberglass and tilted forward to allow for water runoff. Depending on how many people are using the shower there may not be enough space for everyone’s essentials.  It can easily be installed and is caulked at the seams.  Fiberglass is also low maintenance and very affordable.   Mildew can build up on the caulk, and the caulk will need to be replaced from time to time.

The second type is the cultured marble or granite.  These are man-made, 3/4 inch thick slabs cut or fabricated to the size of the wall.  Marble or granite dust is mixed with resin to create affordable slabs.  Holes are cut for plumbing.  There is also the option for installing pre-fabricated niches.  Holes can also be cut and pre-fabricated niches can be installed to help with shower organization.  They are practically zero maintenance and are very affordable but more expensive than the fiberglass surrounds.

Thirdly, tile is the most luxurious shower surround.  There are many different types of tile, designs, and accent ideas used on tile shower walls.  Because tiled showers are custom, the placement and size of niches can be more customized than with the cultured marble or granite.  Benches are another feature in many of the tiled shower surrounds.  Grout is a big concern for many homeowners.  Mildew resistant grout is available, but is more expensive than regular grout.  The cost of a tiled shower can be considerably more than the previous two options, but the price is also contingent upon your tile selections and design choices.

Whatever shower surrounding you choose, let the experts at Dream Baths by Kitchen Kraft  help!  If you are looking to remodel your bathroom, we will come to your home to measure and design your dream bathroom. After the design has been finalized we will help with the selection of bath cabinets, countertops, tile, lighting, plumbing fixtures and hardware. Our production team will then make sure your bath design and remodel become a reality. Contact us today!

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