Quick Guide to Bathroom Speakers and Sound Systems

Jan 18, 2017 2 min read

Many things in your home’s bath create the perfect setup for music. The acoustics, the alone time, getting ready in the morning or unwinding at night; whether you’re singing in the shower to the jams or relaxing in the tub to your favorite chill-out playlist, it’s known that people love music in the bath. After all, if Spotify has created a playlist for it, it must be true, right? Needless to say, many people are including bathroom speakers and sound systems on their list when picturing their ideal luxury bathroom. Dream Baths walks you through a quick guide to your bath’s audio options.

Bathroom Speakers and Sound Systems

Mounted Shower Speakers

With a wider range of options and prices, you can get bathroom speakers that suction-cup mount to your shower’s tile or hang from the shower head. With many in the $15 to 100 range, you can either choose a simpler model to simply pair with a mobile device, from which you set your songs and you’re ready for a songful shower! Or you can go for a speaker with built-in controls: select from multiple mobile devices within 200 feet range, switch your app, queue through tracks, and change volume, all from within your shower.


Installed Speakers For Bathroom Ceiling or Wall

Ready to fully commit? Maybe you want optimum sound, too. With inset, high-quality speakers in your bathroom, you can enjoy a sound system with the best audio quality while maintaining the aesthetic of your bath’s design. These speakers have heavier duty material to stand up to humid environments and are recessed into the wall or ceiling, hidden from view. Imagine setting your spa songs at the control and relaxing to your favorite tunes! This incognito option blends seamlessly into the beauty of a bath’s luxury layout and can create the ultimate spa experience and relaxing atmosphere.



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