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Four Benefits of Hiring a Design Build Remodel Firm

Apr 14, 2014 4 min read

Remodeling is a very personal experience, and depending on how you choose to remodel your home can either make the experience fun and memorable or make you want to never remodel again.  There are three methods to home remodeling: do it yourself (DIY), hire a designer and a contractor or hire a company that handles the entire project, also known as Design-Build-Remodel Firms. Before you decide which option to choose consider these four factors: communication, design, time and budget.


This is essential for any good working relationship.  When you hire someone to work in your home there is a certain level of trust and communication you expect. Constant communication is essential to a successful remodel. Constant communication means; follow-up on current issues and timelines, reviewing and researching potential new issues and affected timelines.  The best way to ruin a professional relationship is to make someone feel like they weren’t worth the time.  The scale of worth is often times measured by the level of communication. When you hire a designer and contractor you become the main point of contact.  If you are doing it all yourself you will still need to communicate with sales people, delivery departments, trades people and your significant other.  Some type A personalities thrive on such a scenario, while others feel they would like to control their remodel, but have experts to guide them through.  A good Design-Build-Remodel Firm will put the home owner in control and lend their expertise in design and production.


Functionality of the space is an integral part of a designer’s job as well.  You will also need to pay attention to design choices that could affect resale value. A certified designer, who works at a Design-Build-Remodel Firm will present you with products and design choices that reflect your style, while following the NKBA guidelines. A certified designer will also be familiar with other homes in the area and recommend design changes to increase the resale value of your home.  Most importantly, a Design-Build-Remodel Firm designer will work with the production team and be available throughout the project.


Time is a valuable commodity to a Design-Build-Remodel Firm and you.  While you are at work, there is someone working at your home.  Some customers like their weekends and spending quality time with the family; and living through an organized remodel for a few weeks lets them keep their sanity. Because of their expertise they will work around issues that arise and complete the project on time.


A Design-Build-Remodel Firm’s business model focuses on your budget.  Because they are accountable for every aspect of your remodel, they are constantly looking for ways to streamline the processes and save you money. For some, the price to hire someone to do their remodeling project versus doing the remodel themselves will allow monetary saving for savings for something else. This can also be a rewarding experience as well. If you are going to install your own products a Design-Build-Remodel Firm can still work with you on design and product pricing.

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