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The Difference Between Renovation, Restoration, Remodel

Jul 27, 2016 2 min read

The differences between renovation, restoration and remodel are surprisingly different from one another. Many people mistakenly confuse each with another when talking about redoing a room in their home. There are many terms out there for projects that are redesigned that seem very similar, but in fact, lead to very different products. Restoration, Restoration, Renovation, and Remodeling are some of the terms that are used. See the differences below that are helpfully outlined by Dream Baths:

define renovation restoration remodel



Reproduce the appearance of a building exactly as it looked at a particular moment in time. Restoring a house is sort of the opposite of renovation. Instead of updating, you’re making the house like it was before.


Bringing back to a preferable manner of living which makes contemporary use possible while still preserving significant character-defining features. Includes adaptive use.


Improves the usefulness and condition of a building by repairing, altering, and adding but without necessarily being sensitive to the character-defining features.


Make over the design image of a building. The appearance is changed by removing original details and adding new features that are out of character with the original.


Clear communication between owner, contractor, and an architect is critical to a successful home design project. Agreement on some simple definitions is a good place to start. Give Dream Baths a call today to get started on your project! (614) 754-7045

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