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Bathroom Tile Design

Jun 15, 2013 3 min read

Tile designs can change the entire look of your bathroom.  The arrangement, the texture, and the size of the tile can dictate the overall appearance of your space.  Dream Baths likes to educate the homeowner on these features and benefits of the tile design we choose together. Tile design is everything when it comes to a bathroom remodel.  I will briefly discuss a few topics regarding bathroom tile design.

Part of tile design is the arrangement or configuration of the tile.  The size of the tiles used can play a key factor in the design arrangement.  If your bathroom space seems small or cramped larger tile will give the appearance of a larger space.  If we want to lengthen a room, running the larger tile towards the direction we want expand will achieve this.  Using this same technique we can give the illusion of a taller shower by laying tile vertically rather than horizontal. Tile comes in all shapes and sizes and in order to achieve our goals picking the correct size and understanding tile arrangement is essential to a successful bath remodel.

Leathered, honed, and polished are a few examples of different texture tile may have.  Honed tile is great for flooring.  Honed or leathered tile has a distinct grain to the touch.  Slippery surfaces are never fun in a bathroom, so implementing a tile with graining will help overcome a slippery surface.   The finish a tile has can also add dimension to a space or area.  For instance, if we are tiling a recessed niche I may use a polished tile to add more light refraction.  This will give the niche more dimension and an illuminating appearance.  In a shower, we may prefer to use a polished tile to allow the water to bead off more easily.  These small details in tile design separate a good designer, from a great designer!

If you are unsure of how to implement your style in your bathroom schedule an appointment with Dream Baths.  We have dedicated designers ready to assist you with you remodel goals.  Dream Baths knows tile design.  Tile design is the backbone of an appealing bathroom.  Your bathroom can look like a palace; Dream Baths will show you how.

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