Bathroom Electric Mirrors And Television Mirrors

Feb 23, 2017 2 min read

An elegant, lighted mirror that also serves as a mounted television. Simply brilliant. Featured in many of the world’s finest hotels, the modern luxuries of electric mirrors and television mirrors are now becoming much desired – and more readily available – for the luxury home bath.

television mirror

Dimmable, Lighted Vanity Mirror

With a chic band of frosted light, your bathroom’s vanity mirror never looked so good! Options include beautiful frames, available in various finishes to compliment your bath’s elegant design. The option of one-touch technology allows you to control dimming by a simply touching the surface of your bath’s mirror, ranging from full brightness for helping with tasks, to night-glow for subtle illumination.

Bathroom Television Mirrors

With an ultra-slim wall mount, your dream bath can house a 1080p smart tv tucked into the alluring facade of a vanity mirror. A hidden led screen that displays through the mirror’s reflection, when turned on. Imagine enjoying your choice programming while getting ready for your day or reveling in a film while relaxing in your luxury tub. Built in wifi allows you to connect wirelessly to your favorite online applications, web browser, and streaming services.

Choose to have your screen display through a portion of the frame or select a full-screen model to transform your bathroom mirror into a sleek, full-size flat screen television. Support for external speakers allows you to also integrate with an external sound system, for your spa-like retreat.



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