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6 Great Ideas To Improve The Functionality Of Your Bath

Aug 17, 2016 3 min read

Are you tired of the same old boring bathroom that isn’t as functional as you would like? Are you planning a bathroom remodel and need help with ideas on how to get the most out of the space you have? Here is a list of 6 bathroom design tips to help you with your questions and also assist in making choices when it comes to remodeling or updating your bathroom.

1. Wall Storage Space

Especially great for smaller bathrooms, fixing cabinetry to your walls such as a floating vanity can cut down on space and cater to your bathroom’s design. With a floating vanity, you keep storage space in convenient reach while adding other storage, below – great for keeping trash bins out of direct sight. There is so much you can do with the space on the wall. Add value to the space, leaving the area with more room to work with without the cluttered feeling.

2. Large Mirrors

Selecting Bathroom Hardware

If your bathroom doesn’t have one already, think about replacing your smaller mirrors with a large mirror that spans the wall above your sink. Not only will you have an easier time viewing yourself but a large mirror can create the illusion of a larger space.  The larger the space, the more value the room holds in the home.

3. Bathroom Windows

If your bathroom is situated on the outer edge of your house, consider adding windows and skylights. The natural light will save on electric and add an even better ambiance much better than ceiling lights. Frosted windows allow the light to come in while maintaining the privacy of the space. Natural light ads so much value to a room.

4. Corner / Pedestal Sink

This is another great tip for smaller bathrooms or even those looking to get a little more space in their bathroom. A corner sink will utilize the most commonly wasted space of the corner and will put it out of the way making more space in the center of the room. A pedestal sink can function similarly if there is no need for additional storage and can add a great aesthetic to your bathroom.

5. Lighting

Your lighting can be causing your bathrooms some real issues, like the overly bright exposure of overhead lights or not enough light from your vanity lights. Pendant lighting is a fun way to change up the light in your room and can provide a nice balance between character and functionality. With a combination of bright light, dim light and colored lights you can create any atmosphere you want to without ruining the overall feeling of the room.

6. Heated Bathroom Tile

Your bathroom’s tile plays a big part in the overall aesthetic and you likely haven’t updated it recently. Think about incorporating new styles, like a hexagonal tile or play with color pallets. How do you make tile functional though? If you decide to change out your tile, consider installing a heating element underneath so you can have heated tile in the winter.


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