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5 Things to Know About a Shower Niche

Mar 14, 2014 3 min read

A shower niche is not considered an essential part of a bathroom, but they probably should be.  A niche is a great way to add functionality to a space.  There are two types of niches; pre-fabricated and custom.  The pre-fabricated niche can be installed with a cultured marble or granite shower surround.  The custom niche is an option for tiled shower surrounds.  When customizing your niche there are a few things to keep in mind:

Location:  Consider how long you will have this shower set up and who will be using it. Ideally, a niche should be easily accessible for every person using the shower. For example, if a bench is placed in the shower, it’s important to put the niche within arm’s reach.

Measure Your Bottles:  The economy size bottles sold at warehouse clubs rarely fit a standard pre-fabricated niche.

Down Low:  A lowered niche can be a great “shaving niche” for our taller loved ones.  Every duck needs a home, and lower niches are a nice place to keep bath toys.  Beware that razors and other harmful products are kept out of reach.Yours & Mine:  A large niche to share is another option. You can divide the area into yours and mine sides.  One large niche to share could end up like a shared closet where half and half is not an option.  Also consider a tall niche with glass shelves as dividers.

Different Tile: put an extra design touch into your custom niche with a different tile or stone.  Different tile can be used as long as it is in a complimentary color palate.

If you are interested in building a niche into your shower, Dream Baths, located in Columbus, Ohio, would love to build one for you! We will come to your home to measure, design and customize a niche perfect for you. Contact us today!

Custom Shower Niches

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