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3 Things to Know About Heated Floors

Nov 10, 2014 2 min read

Heated floors are a very desirable feature in any room of the home, especially bathrooms.  They are practical and luxurious.  If you are considering remodeling your bathroom, consider adding heated floors for year round comfort.  A heated flooring system is difficult to install after the floor has been installed.  The most economical way to get a heated floor is by removing your existing floor or installing it when you are building a new house.  If you are interested in heated floors, here are some things to consider for your bathroom remodel.

Traditional heating systems force heated air downward.  This air rises and comes back down as cold air leaving you still feeling cold.  Heated floors gives consistent temperatures throughout the room at a level that the heat can be enjoyed.

Heated floors means no visible holes or ducts, and in some cases radiators.  This feature allows a more luxurious spa-like design in a bathroom remodel.  Even if you consider your bathroom small, one vent trying to heat the space consistently is unlikely.

Traditional heating systems are noisy and dusty.  For our friends with allergies this is a constant battle.  A tile floor in the bathroom is cleaner than carpet, and a heated floor eliminates allergens being pumped in through a duct.  Also, a rattling vent or carried conversations during a relaxing bath defeats the purpose.

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